Trade Robot

Trade Robot GS-BOT3 AI-Empowered Expert Advisory

Trading algorithm is a systematic set of instructions written in a computer language that informs what actions t o be taken by a given trading platform. It takes a few seconds for a professional trader to make an expert decision, while for algorithm this time is only 0.0001 seconds.

It is not surprising that the majority of financial institutions trust them. Nowadays, 3/4 of the trading decisions are taken by machines, not by people. Their speed of data processing and decision-making gives them precedence over every human mind.

With GS-BOT3 you can trade without being influenced by greed, fear or even simple mistakes in your orders. Experience and knowledge do not matter to them. The software integrates sophisticated algorithms and management tools. Thanks to them, the robot continuously scans the market and decides when to execute appropriate orders.

Artificial Intelligence techniques

Two main Artificial Intelligence techniques used in GSI Trading System

Machine Learning

It uses large amounts of historic information when analyzing trading data in real-time, providing better insights into the market and helping trader shape their trading strategy according to the current market’s volatility.

Predictive analytics

It uses existing trade data and algorithms to predict market fluctuations. The capabilities of predictive analytics extend the ones of human beings, as it can analyze massive amounts of data faster and makes fewer mistakes. By letting the AI software do forecasts for them, traders can focus more on creating wiser, data-backed trading strategies.

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  • Without mistakes related to manual trading
  • Round the clock trading
  • No emotions
  • No need to keep track of the market constantly
  • No experience is needed
  • Risk of loss minimized

Built-in protection mechanism

If the slippage exceeds the set value, the robot will not open any deals until the conditions for trading are normalized.

If the spread exceeds the set value, the robot will not open until the trading conditions are normalized. This protection can save you not only by your broker, who may try to worsen your trading conditions and performance, but also in the case of a “black swan” event. In the event of such events floating spreads may increase hundreds or even thousands of times. There have been many such cases in recent years, for example, the abolition of the Swiss franc threshold by SNB and Brexit referendum.

If the day’s loss exceeds the set value, the robot will close all open deals and will not open new ones until the next day. Our system is suited for high volatility, but we know that there is some unpredictability in the markets and we want to be prepared and able to continue trading tomorrow even in the worst-case scenario.