Privacy Policy

A Compact Privacy Policy to Protect Our Clients from Threats

Privacy Policy

A Compact Privacy Policy to Protect Our Clients from Threats

This privacy policy will help you understand how we use and protect the information you provide to us when you visit our website (Golden Scope). Our team protects our clients from any damage caused because of choosing our services and/or using this website. This policy states how we process any personal data collected from our visitors electronically or verbally.

We assure your data is in safe hands and we comply to all standard rules and regulations to shield it.

By visiting you are confirming to all the practices described in this policy.

We possess the right to amend this policy at any time without prior notice. However, you will get updates through emails or any medium of your choice.

To stay updated regarding the latest changes, visit our website frequently.

Type of Information We May Collect from Our Clients

Information, when handled without caution, can damage the reputation of the visitors, account holders, or/and the website i.e. us. This information may fall under “Non-Personal Information” or “Personal Information”.

    We collect two main types of information from you:
  • Information automatically collected by our website about you.
  • Information entered by you.
Log Data

This section of our standard privacy policy informs you that whenever you visit our website, we collect some information. We get this data from your browser and is commonly referred to as Log Data.

When you visit us, we may store the necessary data from your server's session. This Log Data can include your:

IP Address

Email Address and Personal Details

Information or Content

Visitor Behavior i.e. the pages of our site you visit and other interests.

Also, we may collect the information you supply to us. Filling and submitting the sign-up forms, submitting contact inquiry forms count as data that you supply to us.

Note: This also includes any forms available occasionally on our website.

Use of Cookies

Cookies are often used as anonymous identifiers and store a small amount of data. Like other forex trading websites, we use cookies to distinguish between our customers. This assists us to provide you with a better experience while navigating through our site.

By agreeing to our privacy policy, you allow us to use cookies. You also agree to let us perform the following activities:

Analyze web traffic

Find the web pages you spend the most time on

Other websites visited by you

After statistical analysis, we traverse the data through our systems into isolation. This protects it from prying eyes and ensures that it remains available to us when required.

Important: Please note that in no way do cookies grant us access or control to your computer. If you wish to disable cookies, you can turn them off within your internet browser.

How we may use/share the collected information

We use the information for various purposes categorized on the collection method. For information you supply to us, we provide you with services requested in the form.

With the information collected in the form of cookies we administer and improve our website. It helps us in troubleshooting and analyzing our content. Using this information, we can modify our content and present it to you in a suitable manner for your device.

We also use the collected data for security and debugging purposes to keep our site safe and secure. To track this information, we use sophisticated software such as Google Analytics.

Note: Golden Scope uses the collected information anonymously prohibiting any content that identifies you as an individual.

How we protect personal information

Except as stated in this Standard Privacy Policy, we do not take part in any commercial transaction for your personal information. Selling, trading, renting, or sharing information for advertisements is against our ethics and rules of conduct. No employee of Golden Scope will engage in any such transactions.

We value our client’s trust and thus use only commercially acceptable terms to utilize their personal information. But we will not be held responsible for the misuse of the data by any third party.

Children’s Privacy

Our services do not address any minor under 18 years of age. We do not encourage or support minors to join the forex trading business. In cases where we collect identifiable information from an individual below the age of 13, we take immediate action. Our experts address this issue by deleting such information from our servers. For parents, guardians or any individual that notices any minor account, bring it to our attention without any delay.

Third-Party Links

At times, our site contains links that divert you to other websites. By clicking on these links, you must face the consequences for your data and privacy protection. Those websites are not under the governance of Golden Scope and we do not guarantee to protect your data.

When visiting such websites, make sure you read their privacy policy documentation. Golden Scope is not responsible for any liabilities that occur when you visit these external links.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

Golden Scope reserves the right to alter this policy and any terms mentioned within the course. Any significant changes to this policy will be conveyed to our visitors and clients with an email to their address. Also, we will place a prominent notice on our homepage with all the details of the expected modifications. These changes will go into effect within 30 days after we spread the word.

Non-material changes will take effect immediately and may not be accompanied by any formal email.

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding our privacy policy, contact us and we will assist you with sincerity.