Fx Fund Management

Fund Management Service from Golden Scope

Golden Scope offers you the opportunity to invest through a managed Forex account that offers total control, security, and transparency. Our Fund Management service is your key to making profits without doing anything except investing your money. It is perfect for investors who lack the expertise or don’t have time to trade in their account, it offers a unique opportunity to investors that understand the potential of the capital markets and expecting steady and exponential returns on their investment.

Combining of experienced fund management professionals, fundamental research, advanced market analysis, revolutionary technology platform and a persistent drive to excel on behalf our investors, we invest smartly to ensure profits every single chance.

Our strategy focuses on developing models and strategies based on market price volatility. We do this while utilizing trading systems based on algorithmic trading models as well as incorporating a variety of non-predictive and discretionary models. This strategy enables us to minimize risk while maximizing profits from our trading.

Golden Scope committed on generating targeted profits with limited risks exposure and transparency in trading to help our clients achieving their desired return.

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Forex Pamm Service

Forex Percentage Allocation Management Module Service

What's Forex Managed PAMM Services? PAMM Account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a trading account that consists of one or several accounts of investors which form one whole trading structure where the trading is carried out by the Managers.

PAMM account is a convenient financial instrument for the Investor as it maximally simplifies the procedure of investing, minimizing the risks for the investors as well as for the Manager as it provides convenient ways of managing Investors' accounts.

Golden Scope opens a PAMM account with investment terms (minimum investment deposit, time period of investment, premium as a percentage of profit gained, etc.). Investors could check trading results and analyzes terms set in the offer and then takes a decision to invest.

At the end of the trading period, the profit gained on the PAMM forex managed account will be distributed between all participants (the investors) of the PAMM accounts.


The potential returns generated by a PAMM Account Manager are generally superior to traditional Banking Products.

Our PAMM forex managed account is individually managed by us with our own individual trading techniques.

Security system giving the Manager a possibility to trade with the accounts under a regulated and licensed broker but not giving him a chance to withdraw funds from there Profitable PAMM Manager may receive profit from management of both own and Investors’ funds.

No hassle hands free trading, easy to manage your investment.

The Investor is free to withdraw profits and funds at any time.

Provides a real trade record of a PAMM Account. The Investor can track the Manager’s activity and performance of the invested funds in real-time.